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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sts. Simon and Jude

Ordinary Time: October 28th

Jude is so named by Luke and Acts. Matthew and Mark call him Thaddeus. He is not mentioned elsewhere in the Gospels, except, of course, where all the apostles are mentioned. Scholars hold that he is not the author of the Letter of Jude. Actually, Jude had the same name as Judas Iscariot. Evidently because of the disgrace of that name, it was shortened to "Jude" in English.

Simon is mentioned on all four lists of the apostles. On two of them he is called "the Zealot." The Zealots were a Jewish sect that represented an extreme of Jewish nationalism. For them, the messianic promise of the Old Testament meant that the Jews were to be a free and independent nation. God alone was their king, and any payment of taxes to the Romans—the very domination of the Romans—was a blasphemy against God. No doubt some of the Zealots were the spiritual heirs of the Maccabees, carrying on their ideals of religion and independence. But many were the counterparts of modern terrorists. They raided and killed, attacking both foreigners and "collaborating" Jews. They were chiefly responsible for the rebellion against Rome which ended in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

Body clock

 28 October 2014 

Body clock: 'Rush hour' transformation discovered

By James Gallagher 

Health editor, BBC News website

A pair of "rush hours" every day rapidly change the way tissues throughout the body work, scientists have discovered.

The animal study, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, monitored the function of cells, in 12 tissues, through the day.

It found large shifts in activity just before dawn and dusk.

Experts said the findings could help time medication to hit sweet-spots in the body clock.

The body's internal clock is known to drive huge changes - it alters alertness, mood, physical strength and even the risk of a heart attack in a daily rhythm. (...)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Feast of Christ the King

Ordinary Time: October 26th

Commentary for the Readings in the Extraordinary Form:

"He shall rule. . .unto the ends of the earth. . .All kings. . .shall adore Him, all nations shall serve Him".

The "modern" man acts as "monarch of all he surveys" in the study of science, the enjoyment of pleasure, the worship of the State.

Yet we are not the creators of our resources, but only the beneficiaries of the Creator. This Feast reaffirms that the wounds in the families of nations are caused by sin, namely, the abuse of these borrowed gifts; that all things (must be) restored in (Christ)".

Jesus alone has the right, well earned, as the Redeeming Lamb Who was slain, to be King over all the earth; to be King of Truth in our minds; to be King of our wills under the standard of His Law; to be King of Love in our hearts.

The Lord will bless His people with peace only when they accept Him as King.


Miracle Baby Is a ‘Messenger of God’

Faith supports a Rhode Island family — and other families whose children face adversity in and out of the womb.



Rony, Angela, and Sonia Morales
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The adverse prenatal diagnosis that their baby was missing parts of her brain and skull inspired Rony and Sonia Morales to name her Angela.

“She would be our angel, our Angela. We thought she was going to heaven right away,” Sonia said in October, tearing up at the memory of the heartbreaking diagnosis of anencephaly in her third trimester — and how the staff at Providence’s Women and Infants Hospital had suggested an abortion. “Two weeks before delivery, I learned that Angela means ‘Messenger of God.’ (....)

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